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"Kathy not only provided information and services,
she was also incredibly compassionate and empathetic toward our family and  invaluable in helping us all through a very difficult time. Thank you so much, Kathy Kemp!"

Daughter, Newton, MA

For a little help, or a lot of help, Sage Advice will be your guide and advocate

What we do:


Perform a comprehensive assessment to determine a client's strengths and challenges. We discuss a range of issues including daily routine, self/home care, nutritional status, safety, memory, mental health, finances, insurance, health history, and more.


Develop a care plan based on the assessment and your priorities.
We make short and long-term goals together and create a plan of action. This may include:


  • crisis intervention, counseling and support, consumer  education and advocacy

  • money management referrals decisions regarding appropriate housing options

  • assistance with relocation of the older adult

  • advising families on power of attorney or guardianship issues

  • serving as a liaison to families at a distance, making sure things are going well and alerting families to problems


Arrange services with credible providers, in order to assure that caregivers are a good "fit" and that services are performed as per a client's wishes—the little details matter!


Monitor needs when services and arrangements are in place — regular check-ins are important. Frequent re-evaluations allow for any necessary adjust-ments, and determine the elder's capabilities and functioning as time goes on. 


Sage Advice Care Management is also available to support adults of all ages with Parkinson's Disease, M.S., and other neurological disorders.



Sage Advice especially helpful for long distance caregivers who need someone to monitor the health and well-being of a distant loved one.  Even when support is nearby, most need guidance in working through complex issues or changes in the health (be they physical or emotional). We help families and their loved ones make informed and well considered decisions when planning for tomorrow, or responding to issues today. 

When working with Sage Advice you may seek assistance on a discreet taskor situation, or you may choose to address the big picture.

SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at

SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at

"Thanks for your amazing insights and suggestions. Meeting with you helped us move forward in enexpected ways."

Daughter, Arlington, MA

Sage Advice gives you peace of mind